proportion>london is a design-led visual merchandising services company specialising in the design and manufacture of mannequins, bust forms and visual merchandising related equipment.

At proportion>london we are constantly thinking about pushing the boundaries of great design. Our multi-talented design team are on a relentless quest to identify the prevailing trends in visual merchandising and turn them into beautiful and functional products for our portfolio.

Often working in collaboration with world-renowned fashion illustrators and designers, we constantly strive to produce original and unique collections of mannequins, body forms and related collections that are aesthetically stunning, inspirational, modern and effectively practical.

Blurring the edges between abstract and natural form our collections are visually powerful whilst maintaining the perfect body fit for the fast moving and progressive fashion industry of today.

In short, proportion>london combine the latest ideas and techniques with a wealth of manufacturing expertise and experience to capture the essence of retailing today -- and into the future. We aim to provide the perfect visual merchandising solution for the most forward thinking retail brands.